The following directions are for right handed users.  Left handed users click here.

#1. Holding your lucet in your left hand, hold the thread against the inside horn with your left thumb, leaving a six to eight inch tail, (the inside horn will be the one to the right, making the outside horn the one to the left, as shown in the picture below)

then wind your thread on the outside horn from back to front, then around the inside horn back to front, 

then once more around the outside horn back to front, finally drop the thread across the inside horn, 

looking into your lucet you will see a figure eight 


#2 You are now ready to make your first stitch. You will have an upper and a lower thread on the outside horn.  Continue holding the tail until you have completed the third stitch.  Using your pick (see pick instructions at bottom of page) or fingers bring the lower thread up over the upper thread and off the horn to form your first stitch. 

To help tighten the stitch, pull the working thread gently to the inside.

#3 After you tighten, rotate your lucet taking the inside horn over the top to become the outside horn. 

Then drop the thread across the front of the inside horn, 

once again bring the lower thread on the outside horn up over the upper thread and off the horn to form your second stitch.

#4 After the 3rd stitch you can tug on the tail to secure your thread, after this point you no longer need to hold the tail. 

From this point on you will tighten your work by a combination of pulling on your working thread and the tail. 

This method allows you a more even tension, thereby creating even and more consistent stitches, rather than just tightening the stitches with the working thread alone.

Repeat #3 until your cord reaches the desired length.

To Finish the end, cut your working thread leaving about a six to eight inch tail. 

Take the cord off the horns.

Run the working thread through the inside loop and gently tighten down that loop.

Finally, run the working thread through the outside loop and tighten down.

You have now completed your first piece


This pick was developed by us, to help those with arthritis as well as other medical
problems which leave the fingers not so nimble, and those that just need a little extra
help picking up that tiny thread.

How to use your pick



here's a sample view of the different styles we make 


Have a question? feel free to e-mail us for a little extra help, Thanks Gary 



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